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Types: Gong Bath Holistic Coaching Meditation Sound Healing

Xuan Healing Cove

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Xuan Healing Cove provides meditation, healing and life coaching sessions for you to relax, recharge and find your inner self. We help you to be better, fulfilled and happier in your work, your relationships and your life.

琁 (xuán) is a type of jade, said to bless, heal and protect. Through healing with us, we enable you to feel calmer and get better from the hurts that you have been through.

Founded on love, courage and connectedness, this space is created for you to rejuvenate, recharge and rediscover your inner self.

We offer multiple complementary health & healing modalities like yoga, reiki therapy, breathwork, meditation, sound healing. Ingrained within our ethos to pay it forward, our social arm “ the kokoro project ” serves to bring yoga, mindfulness and reiki to under-served communities in a sustainable and compassionate way.


About Meditation

Xuan Healing Cove’s meditation helps you recharge and focus so that you can be more productive.

Join to experience a guided secular meditation class. Meditation methods come from zen, sound healing, breathing and energy cleansing.

About Drum Healing

Drum Healing uses sound, energy and vibrations. It helps you to unblock your mind (stress, emotions, anger, happiness, clarity etc) and unblock your body (health, tiredness, energy, etc).

About Energy Massage Healing

Xuan's healing is based on traditional healing techniques passed down from healing masters in Thailand, China, Taiwan and Singapore. You will get a customized healing from any of the following: lymphatic, energy and organ healing (chi nei tsang 气内脏), hand reflexology massage, meditative healing, breath healing and release of trapped emotions.

About Emotional Healing

Xuan's gentle and supportive Emotional Healing Coaching can guide, support and empower you to change. Change how you manage your emotions on a day to day basis and become at ease with yourself and your emotions. Gain control over your emotions.