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Types: Breathwork Meditation Sleep

[Virtual] House of Ascend

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Suraya Sam (Sue for short), co-creator for House of Ascend is first and foremost an avid Practitioner, a Wife and a Mother. She is a certified Educator & Space Holder with over 11 years of experience in Yoga, Gong Meditation, Gong Nidra, Pranayama and Aromatherapy.

Suraya is also a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider with more than 27,000 registered hours. Her teaching ranges from various Yoga and Meditation practices to help guide One to understand the Sacred Science of Yoga and Meditation. She believes in the ability to Master and be in harmony with the layers of Oneself through the power of the Mind, Body and Breath connection.

She also augments elemental tools such as Mantras, Instruments, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Botanical Flower Baths & Showers, Botanical Essences, Herbal Elixirs, and Sacred Smoke as part of her daily Ritual practice.
 This wisdom and knowledge was passed down to her from generations of holistic practitioners in her family. Her Dharma is guided by her mother who practices Sufism, Pachamama and Plant Medicine Ceremonial Journey in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Suraya has also facilitated Retreats together with her mum in their family's retreat center, Peru.  

About Breathwork x Meditation x Yoga Nidra

The goal of this practice, is to bring balance the Prana, the Life-force that flows through your whole Body, Mind and Energy system with Breath-work, Meditation and Yoga Nidra, enabling you to be in harmony with the layers of Thyself. Upon check out, kindly let Suraya know what your Sankalpa, intentions are or what you'd like to work on specifically so she'll curate a bespoke 90 minute session just for you.

Please take note that you'll need the essential props prior to virtual session;
- Yoga Mat
- Yoga Bolsters
- Yoga Blocks
- Blanket
- Essential Oil(s)