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Types: Meditation Somatic Movement (Embodied Meditation)

The Elemental Practice

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Through the explorations since Diana's (founder of The Elemental Practice) teens in yoga, dance and active meditation, movement has been a means of giving expression where words cannot; a powerful way of connecting to grounding, boundaries and power and a profound gateway to resting within a space of quiet ease. These movement practices have helped Diana through the anxiety of being a sensitive person in a busy world, and the deep desire I have to support others to do the same stem from there.

Over the years, Diana has grown curious about movement of a subtler kind, listening to the inner rhythms through body-based therapies. These essential rhythms are in our heartbeat, the wave of our breath, the energetics of our system. She believes that if the body is listened to and tended to with openness, friendliness and safety, the body’s innate inclination to wellness will restore us back to health, flow and well-being.


About Somatic Meditation

In our modern day busy lives, it can take us some time to come into a still space inside. We might sit in stillness on the outside, but inside, the mind may still be racing. Through the use of movement - of the body, the voice or our awareness - we can more easily drop into the body and quiet the mind to sit in stillness. This can be a gentle introduction into the world of meditation for those new to the practice, and an opportunity to be in presence with the body for those who are more kinesthetic. The guided meditations include yoga nidra and other active meditation techniques, with awareness of the breath as an anchor.