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Types: Forest Bathing

Nature and Forest Bathing in the City [Wooded Meadow]

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Nature and forest bathing is a gentle guided sensory exploration that is suitable for everyone.

On this guided 2.5-hour immersive journey, we will open our senses - literally and metaphorically, and discover the pleasures and delights that nature offers us. Curated and accompanied by a certified forest therapy guide, the experience will provide structure as well as openness to allow each participant's sensorial re-discovery to self, others and nature to unfold. Finally, we will gather and conclude our experience with a tea sharing. Having taken a pause from our world of busy, and reconnected with the world of nature, the latency, the coming inward, the observation, the listening, the nourishing, the playful exploration ... we now attend the world with our rested minds and bodies, and rejuvenated spirits. 


How you will benefit

  • Rest and enjoy physiological health benefits of forest bathing backed by Science research.
  • Re-enchant with nature in a gentle accessible way.
  • Slow down, leave the chaos and de-stress.


What to expect

  • The experience takes on a slow immersive pace. It is not physical and not strenuous.
  • A certified forest therapy guide will facilitate the experience. Nature and forest bathing invitations are suggested but are never compulsory.
  • Inclusive of materials (where required), light snacks and tea.
  • Due to the more contemplative, slow and quiet nature of the experience, it is recommended for anyone aged 16 and above.