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Types: Energy Healing (Reiki) Meditation Sound Healing


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Sound Bath Experience:

Immerse yourself into sound and vibration created from different sound instruments that heals our body, mind and spirit.

The sound vibration creates therapeutic sound vibration to give you a meditative and calming experience.  It helps to induce sleep, alleviate stress & anxiety and for some they may even feel a relief of mental disturbance.

A meditative experience to help you reconnect, rejuvenate from within.

Reiki Therapy:
Destress and Recharge with Reiki Therapy.

Reiki is a gentle energy therapy. Energy from the Universe will be channelled to the receiver via the therapist’s palms which act as a host. It awakens the natural healing ability of the receiver. Reiki improves the flow of energy in the body, removes any blockages. Reiki works not only for physical ailments but also for psychological health - healing for the body, mind and soul.

A passive session that only requires the receiver to be relaxed and comfortable.