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Types: Breathwork Meditation Sound Healing

Inner Voyage: Breathwork Journey and Gong Bath

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Co-facilitated with Stephanie (Soma Psyche Alchemy)

Journey through your inner landscapes through breath and sound. Reclaim your power, clarity, and calm through the alchemy of breathwork and gong bath. Hold space for your body and self to rest, restore, and renew in this deeply healing 90-minute journey.

Please take note that tickets are non-refundable but transferable. Our experiences are catered to adults, 16 years and above. Please arrive slightly earlier for registration. Studio will open 10 minutes before class and late comers will be turned away. Thank you for your understanding.

More about Breathwork Therapy: ​Soothe your nervous system, discover a deeper sense of self, arrive at a state of ease and calm. Breathing plays an integral role in our lives. By filling our body with oxygen while removing toxins, this practice naturally provides healing physiological benefits. To deepen self-awareness, restoration and healing, breathwork therapy brings a person into a more relaxed and rested state using breathing exercises, intentional sequences and music. The sessions are conducted lying down, all levels welcome.

What is a Gong Bath? It is a relaxation and stress reduction technique where participants “bathe” in the sound waves produced by the gong. You are taken into a deep relaxed, meditative state and the parasympathetic system – your rest & digest’ mode is activated. Staying in your ‘rest & digest’ mode is crucial for the body to repair, recover and be healthy.