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Types: Holistic Coaching

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Six Spac offers health and wellness services through the works of the mind and body to better quality of life, living and performance.

We work with athletes, groups, individuals, organisations, and schools to promote health and wellness through coaching, therapy and delivering evidence-based programs relating to practices of mindfulness, yoga therapeutics, and principles of exercise and sport science — Ultimately creating a unique, self-inspired experience for anyone that we work with.

We also believe that aspects of physical and mental well-being, along with the application of mindfulness to daily life is vital for everyone. Hence, the aim to support everyone with quality experiential training to help them benefit from their learning journey and personal development.


About Holistic Program

The brain and the physical body are basically one and never really separate. We understand that some people may be looking for a program that is more holistic.

This is a program that offers a coaching approach for students through mind-body interventions that are based on a combination of mindfulness, yoga, exercise and sport science principles.