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Types: Somatic Movement (Embodied Meditation)

Healing Chronic Stress: Somatic Practice

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Living “amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life” can be exciting but challenging at times. Although eliminating stress from our lives is quite impossible, we can create small islands of calm and peacefulness to nourish ourselves. This is what this workshop is about.

In it, we will be taking a break from the business of the outside world and coming back to our center to heal and take care of ourselves. As stress has both psychological and physical components, we will make use of the body-mind connection to release stress and tension.

Mindfulness and embodiment practices we use in this workshop will help us to reclaim the state of peace and calm, increase resilience to stress and support our nervous systems. Dealing with stress in this conscious and mindful way, will allow you to achieve greater mental and emotional health, positively impact your relationships and create an increased sense of wellbeing.