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Types: Gong Bath Sound Healing

Gongs and Alchemy Crystal Bowls

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The session starts off with a gong bath that helps to calm the mind into a deep state of relaxation, releases stress through reduction of incessant thoughts. Expect to go into a deep meditative state as you settle into the sound vibrations of the gongs. Adding another dimension to this sound healing class, you will also experience the ethereal and transformative sound vibrations of the alchemy crystal bowls as the harmonics of these bowls plus the additional alchemies (precious and rare metals, rare crystals, and earth elements) emits additional healing qualities to your body.


  • Please arrive 10-15mins before session to settle in. Late comers will not be permitted to join the session.
  • Mat, cushion and blankets will be provided with masks on.
  • Please provide vaccination status upon entry into studio.
  • Maximum class size of 10 persons with 5 persons per group.