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Types: Energy Healing (Reiki) Sound Healing

Fiona Healer

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About Reiki Healing

During the Reiki healing session you will receive palm healing from the practitioner. This healing session will support you in finding calmness, peace, deep relaxation and feeling balanced.

  • Chakra Balancing - Clearing & unblocking healee’s chakras with crystals. Finding balance within the physical body and mind.

  • Intuitive Reading - Receiving advice on the specific charkas that the healee needs work on. Understanding why and how the chakras are blocked, over-active or under-active.

  • Booster Healing Attunement - Clearing and re-alignment of Chakras & Kundalini and receive the ability to conduct self-healing for 3 days.

  • To empower the healee to continue the healing journey. A healing prescription will be provided at the end of the session.