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Discover: A Journey Inwards

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Date: 25 Feb 2022
Time: 6.00pm or 7.30pm

Location: TBC
Duration: 60 minutes

Program Overview 

  • Introductory Classes for Sound Healing and Breathwork
    Participants get to experience different ways of meditation fully guided by top instructors 
  • Participants also get to walk away with a free 30 Day SISU trial and an exclusive Anya Fitness tote bag with other goodies!

 All classes are beginner friendly

*Limited slots due to COVID restrictions


Breathwork Therapy

 by Stephanie Chaunte Leong 

Bio: Stephanie is a 500h-RYT Somatic Yoga and Meditation Guide and a Somatic Depth Therapist (M.A.). She  envisions for a world in which all humans feel safe, fully-bodied, and free. She creates experiences that supports participants safely back into the loving home of the body.

Stephanie was drawn to somatics and psychology through her personal journey of healing from disembodiment and dissociation that stemmed from unresolved trauma in her younger years. Through somatics, depth psychology and expressive arts, she learnt to create safety and support within her own body, and is the cornerstone of her teachings. She encourages the remembrance of our wholeness, so that we can live life that is robust, vibrant, and passionate.

Class Description

Soothe your nervous system, discover a deeper sense of self, arrive at a state of ease and calm.

Breathing plays an integral role in our lives. By filling our body with oxygen while removing toxins, this practice naturally provides healing physiological benefits. To deepen self-awareness, restoration and healing, breathwork therapy brings a person into a more relaxed and rested state using breathing exercises, intentional sequences and music. The sessions are conducted lying down, all levels welcome.

Sound Bath Meditation

by Azmi Samdjaga

Bio: Since 2017, Azmi has been pursuing his path in Sound Therapy and Yoga Anatomy. After completing his Level 1 certification in Sound Therapy, he pursued his Diploma in Sound and after 12 months of rigorous online training with full on commitment and dedication he graduated in September 2021 with outstanding results. Azmi truly believes that Sound and Vibration are the science of integral healing of the whole body, mind and soul - the key towards a healthy and joyful life.

Class Description

Experience deep rest, relaxation and balance to your mind and body. The harmonic vibrations produced by singing bowls will help to stimulate Alpha and Theta brain waves frequency which resonate and trigger the deep meditative state of the brain in a way that stimulates healing. When done regularly, sound bathing can have profound health benefits which help to relieve stress, anxiety and physical imbalance.