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We are increasing access to holistic wellness and empowering more people to take greater agency of their health and wellbeing as a community

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"Imagine a world where you can conquer stress and anxiety with the right available support"

If COVID is the pandemic of the 21st century, stress is the epidemic that plagued our modern society.
9 out of 10 people in our circle have suffered from stress to a magnitude that affects our wellbeing. Together with anxiety and insomnia, they are common ailments that often manifest into chronic illnesses. It's no wonder clinical help is no longer enough.

That's why we created SISU. We are working outside the traditional therapy approach, giving you the support and tools through your journey and helping you cultivate a stronger relationship with yourself.

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Our Founding Story

SISU was founded by a team of aspiring entrepreneurs and data scientists who sought to build the world's meditation platform. 

For co-founder and CEO Rachel Soon, this journey was deeply personal. Having experienced chronic stress and fatigue for some time, the last straw came when her one-too-many migraine lasted for one whole fledgling month!

And she was not alone. After speaking to hundreds of people - friends, family and strangers - the answer was clear. Many are turning to meditation & mindfulness for better wellbeing. Together with the team, SISU is committed to promote education, increase awareness and create equitable access to intentional self-care.

To living better as a collective.

SISU [n] finnish

the extraordinary determination, willpower and tenacity, especially in the face of adversity, to reach beyond present limitations and take actions against any odds