Meditation and Holistic Wellness: Myths vs Reality

Meditation and Holistic Wellness: Myths vs Reality


If the term holistic wellness conjures up images of smoky rooms and purple crystals, you’re not alone. Plenty of people think of it that way. The purple crystal is just the tip of the supposedly spiritual iceberg that is holistic wellness. 

What is holistic wellness?

When people use the term “holistic wellness,” they mean different things. One definition is alternative medicine. Others include physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The term "wellness" is non-specific, reflecting an understanding that people are the sum total of their experiences, rather than a mere label. Because of this, there's no "single" definition of wellness, either. Holistic health is a way of living that takes into account all aspects of your life and your mind, body and spirit. It's a lifestyle that supports your overall well-being. 

1. "Sound Healing, Gong Bath and Breathwork are out-of-date concepts that ignores the effective remedies of modern medicine"

Falling under mental and holistic wellness, these concepts are increasingly backed by science and research. The medical community has poured more budget than ever before to get evidence-based results from meditation, sound bath and breathwork. Journals and articles have proven the positive impact of these modalities on our mental, emotional and cognitive health.

Treating symptoms with medication can be helpful at first, but if you are not addressing the underlying cause, they often return and manifest into physical illnesses under prolonged stressful situations such as constant anxiety, rapidly changing environments, high tension and ambiguity. 

Holistic wellness seeks to treat your condition by first attempting to determine the root cause of your condition and then providing the individualized holistic treatment that is required for it. Meditation related practices are considered stress and anxiety reduction techniques

Start developing healthy habits to reduce future health issues you may face. Through holistic habits, you can manage chronic illnesses with more control, without having to resort to pharmaceutical medications that lead to potential long-term side effects.

2. "Holistic Wellness is a luxury and is costly to do"

You may once feel that holistic wellness is beyond your financial means but that has changed post-COVID era. Once seen as a premium offering, the rise of meditation players such as Headspace and Calm have made it accessible to anyone with a phone. Meditation studios are also popping up to address demand and practitioners are offering both private group and 1:1 sessions.

Here at SISU, we are making it affordable to access meditation and mindfulness through an all-in subscription. Our mission is to empower more people to take greater agency of their health together as a community. We ease the discovery process by offering modern, scientifically backed classes that are fully guided by experts. 

Enjoy the benefits of intentional self-care without breaking your budget. Start building a meditation habit effectively.


3. "Once I've achieved my wellbeing goals, I am well."


Our wellbeing is a lifelong journey that changes based on our life stage, state of mind, social circles and more. However, we can work on getting better each day if we set aside time for it. Wellbeing isn't something that just happens overnight; it's a lifelong journey of committing your time, learning about yourself and trusting the process.  


Don’t let your fear stop you from being better; pursue healthier habits by tapping into your inner wellbeing. You can heal from the inside out by stepping into the world of elevated awareness.

SISU makes connecting with holistic wellness providers in Singapore easy, accessible and convenient. In this stressful, fast-paced world, what our souls truly desire is a pause button for self-care that nourishes and energises us for another week ahead.

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